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Horse Girl Memories of a Special Riding Instructor

I read the Cash Lovell Stables newsletter the other day. It was very long, packed full of information on the happenings in the barn, but the article that really caught my eye was the very first. It was a personal letter from Parker Lovell, announcing the loss of her childhood riding instructor — the woman who had taught her how to love horses all those years ago. It touched me very deeply because, as she talked about her childhood experiences, I remembered mine.

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Finishing a Magazine Between Horse Shows

It has been a busy few weeks; Chris and I just returned from Wisconsin Futurity on Sunday and our “hometown” show, St. Louis National Charity, starts today, so you can imagine where we will be spending a lot of our time this week.

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Apple Sauce and a Few Other Ingredients

Last Friday I found myself off work and making horse treats. Let me just back up a pinch and tell you all how I never really thought I’d ever make horse treats. I rarely make Elphi (my little Boston Terrier) homemade treats. But that is where I was … in my kitchen on a Friday morning making equine nibblets. My roommate was off on an adventure to some show in Louisville; I hear it’s a big deal.

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Five Tips For Taking Good Horse Photos

If there’s one thing horse people love almost as much as their horses, it’s photos of them. We at Saddle & Bridle love photos too. Here are a few tips to get the best shots of your favorite equine.

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