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On Lovely, the Horse That Brought the House Down

There may have never been a horse more aptly named than Carol Reedy's three-year-old superstar, Lovely. The beautiful fine harness mare made Tuesday evening in Freedom Hall one to remember when she pranced to the blue ribbon during her electrifying performance in the 2017 ASR National Three-Year-Old Fine Harness Futurity. 

In addition to her stunning looks, she stood out for her exceptional talent; at just three years old, she looks like a seasoned campaigner. Her arched neck and effortless bouncing park walk turned heads and took breath away, with everyone wanting to know who she was and where she had come from. 

I caught up with Carol and Meadow Wood Stables trainer (and driver!) Nancy Troutman after the class to learn more about this exceptional young mare. 

Lovely, waiting patiently to be unhooked after her class.

Allie Layos: How long have you had Lovely?
Carol Reedy: We got her in January. I was looking for a young fine harness horse for Nancy to show. It's been my gift to her. I've been in that barn a long time, and I love fine harness, and I wanted her to bring it along and show it. When I saw Lovely at Nelson Green's, I said, "I don't want to look at anybody else; I want this one."
AL: What did you like about her when you first saw her?

CR: Everything. When Nelson brought her out he lined her in the barn, then hooked her and drove her. She does that true park trot and what my husband calls a "sassy walk." And then that mane!

AL: Did you have any expectations for her coming to Louisville?

CR: No. I just wanted both of them to do their best. I don't want to put pressure on them. Both of them gave it their all, and she just got better and better.

Nancy Troutman: You never know what your competition is. We had made a few shoeing changes and when I worked her yesterday she was fabulous. I thought, "Okay, I hope we do the same when it counts."

AL: How did you feel when the crowd really started to get behind her?

CR: I was crying. I was standing by three individuals that I didn't know and they were talking about her. When I told them I was the owner they just went on and on about her. It was just incredible.

Lovely and owner Carol Reedy.

AL: How do you get a three-year-old to look so finished like she does?

NT: Most of it is that they have to have that mentality. We bought her from Nelson, and Nelson is really big on having one mannered. He had done a fantastic job with her, so she accepts that. Some don't no matter how hard you try. If you work horses, you know what I mean.

AL: What did your drive tonight feel like?

NT: It hasn't really sunk in yet. I could hear all these people cheering and thought, "She must look really good." I do this all the time, but when one comes along that has that attitude and talent, you know how rare that is.

AL: Nancy, Carol says that she bought her specifically for you to show. How do you feel about that?

NT: I've never known anybody like Carol Reedy. And I don't say that because she's a client, but because she's such a wonderful person. I could talk forever about all the good things she does for people. I consider the day I met Carol one of the best days of my life. I can't say too many good things about her, or Lovely, either.

AL: What's next for Lovely?
CR: We'll be going to ASHAV, and I think Kansas City is in the mix. We're just doing one show at a time. We're not trying to put any pressure on either of them.

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