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"Train Kept A- Rollin"

Hello all! This past week I attended Midwest in Springfield, Illinois with my trainer Jenn. The rest of my barn attended a show in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was my first time to Midwest and I learned more things about myself and my horse from showing last week than I have at any other show. 

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My "big brother" came home today

It was after midnight and the horses were restless, unaccustomed to human company at that hour. The fans were going full blast, the barn door at the end of the aisle cracked open, light spilling onto the grass outside.

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"Sweet Emotion"

River Ridge was an amazing start to my show season with It's Aerosmith and The Norseman. My mom and I drove up to Columbus on Thursday and arrived in roughly three hours. I slept for most of the ride so it was a really quick trip for me. I was anxious and excited for my ride on Tyler that night because I hadn't shown him since the American Royal.

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River Ridge Wrap-Up

The latest horse show is under our belts and I am feeling fantastic. This has less to do with the blue ribbons, mind you. I’d say 15% the showing, 15% the things that I learned, 60% that I got to spend hours cuddling with my horses and 10% due to that Chinese food truck (can I get an amen?).

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"Come Together"

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a great start to their show season. River Ridge is in less than a week and I am so excited. This Saturday was my last ride on my horses It's Aerosmith ("Tyler") and The Norseman ("Hans") before they leave for the show today.

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5 Tips For Nervous Riders

or How I Get My Head Out of My Rear Long Enough to Make a Good Show

Believe it or not, I used to be crippled by fear. Riding a thousand pound animal and convincing it to do what you want with a few fingers, your voice and some leg pressure can be as intimidating as it sounds. Heaven knows I have blown classes because my body was strung tighter than an electric guitar, lining up like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME" and then feeling the sadness when I realize that no one was to blame but me and my lack of faith in my ability.

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Show Ring Update

The second horse show of the year is under our belts! We chose the Pro-Am Benefit Horse Show in Perry, Georgia, because it’s close to home and full of wonderful people. These guys do an incredible job of putting on a horse show. From Christy Parker’s Great Trainer Challenge on Friday night (I will never unsee Rich Campbell stuffing ten marshmellows in his mouth) to the fact that the trophies were personalized Tervis cups (YES), it’s one of my favorite shows.

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Western is SO (not) Boring

Ahhh, Western Pleasure Saddlebred classes. This entry goes out to the saddle seat riders who scoff at the western classes, using their time to shine to get cheeseburgers and cocktails and use the restroom. I used to be one of you, you know. Checking the schedule to see when these classes came into the ring so I could strategically plan my French fry addiction and check out the jewelry vendors. Yawning at the unbelievably slow pace and complaining about going blind from all the sequins.

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