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"Walk This Way"

The World's Championship Horse Show has been over for a few weeks now, but the feelings I got when my name was called out as the unanimous winner of my class are still with me. The week leading up to the Fair and the week of the Fair were extremely crazy for me. During those two weeks I learned a lot about myself as a person and as a rider because I had to balance moving into college in Florida and showing at the World's Championship Horse Show!

My trainer Jenn Holdren and I after Tyler and I won our qualifier class.My trainer Jenn Holdren and I after Tyler and I won our qualifier class.Every day before I moved down to Florida I was riding at the barn in preparation for the Fair. I also wanted to spend as much time as I could with my horses and barn family. As I'm looking around at all the pictures in my dorm room of my horses and me riding my horses, I feel that everyone that walks into my room thinks I'm a crazy horse girl, but it's true so I don't mind.

The first week I was in school I told my RA my crazy schedule during my first week of classes and she started laughing because she knew it was going to be stressful. She told me that she would help me get through it and I did. My mom told me before I left for school that if I made it through the first two weeks of school I would be golden. There was no way that I was going to miss my last junior exhibitor show at Louisville for a few days of orientation and my first day of classes. The professors weren't too excited to hear I would be missing, but they got over it.  

My first flight back home for my qualifying class was very exciting because I couldn't wait to show and to be back home! The next morning I got up early and showed my horse, Hans, in the show pleasure class. We didn't receive a ribbon, but we had a great season overall and he helped me warm up to show Tyler later that night. I spent the whole day at the Fair Sunday and then showed Tyler that night. This year for the Fair one of the best people I know, Makayla James, helped make t-shirts for Tyler and me. They looked amazing and we gave them out to all the people at our barn that came to watch. She even had the great idea of selling them for the HOOF organization. It was an amazing feeling to know that all my friends and family were up in the stands wearing my t-shirt and cheering It's Aerosmith and I on during our class. Every time I show Tyler I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I am riding my dream horse.

My mother, my sister Lexi and I.My mother, my sister Lexi and I.This show season I learned a lot about myself as a competitor and about Tyler. I learned how to control my nerves and how to not put so much pressure on myself. When the announcer called my name as the unanimous winner of the class I was so excited all I could do was smile and cry a little tear of joy because all of my dedication and hard work paid off.  

After all the excitement of Sunday night I had to fly back to Florida early Monday morning. I missed all my classes on Monday, which was a little stressful because it was my first day of classes. I was able to get slightly adjusted to college life throughout the week, but then I flew back home on Friday so I could show on Saturday in the championship.

With my friends on the beach in Florida.With my friends on the beach in Florida.

I rode Hans on Friday night so I was able to ride one more time before I showed since it had been a week. Showing on Saturday was very special to me because it was my last show as a junior exhibitor and I was going to be leaving for college the next day (for real this time). I was very confident going into the ring with Tyler and I had an amazing time showing him. I would not have wanted my last show as a junior exhibitor on any other horse. Ahh, I just get goosebumps thinking about being named Reserve World Champion of Champions!

Louisville this year was very memorable for me and I could not be more thankful for the amazing people that support me and It's Aerosmith. I am truly thankful for my trainers and all the hard work they put into getting my horse and I ready to show. You all are the best! I also want to thank my mom for giving me this horse and supporting my dreams. I can't wait for the amateur divivon next year! We are going to WALK THIS WAY, TROT THIS WAY!

Thank you Saddle & Bridle for giving me the opportunity to blog throughout the summer and for always creating such wonderful ads for me. It has also been a pleasure blogging along side Ali DeGray this summer because she is a wonderful equestrian and I love that she always has a positive attitude in and out of the ring. This summer was amazing and now I have to focus on my studies while at Rollins College and begin to get into the flow of college life. Thank you all for reading and sharing my blogs!                     

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