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River Ridge Wrap-Up

The latest horse show is under our belts and I am feeling fantastic. This has less to do with the blue ribbons, mind you. I’d say 15% the showing, 15% the things that I learned, 60% that I got to spend hours cuddling with my horses and 10% due to that Chinese food truck (can I get an amen?).

Northern Asset is one of the most kind-hearted horses I've ever known.Northern Asset is one of the most kind-hearted horses I've ever known.I showed (takes a deep breath) Billy Deluxe, Jolly Mon Sing, Northern Asset, Starlight Voyager, Memories of Cabo, Happy Boy, Twin Willow’s McDreamy, and Regal’s Prime Rate LF. This was my first show of the year with Northern Asset, Cabo, McDreamy and Happy Boy, so it was a learning curve.

My little black wild man, McDreamy or ‘Mickey’ was perfect, and we’re pretty in love with each other, so I’m happy about that. The most exciting part was that he gave me a kiss on the cheek for the first time, which I then bragged about to everyone for the next fifteen minutes. My priorities are just fine, thank you.

Happy Boy is really exciting for me, because Fine Harness is probably the division I have spent the least amount of time in. I showed as a 15-year-old at Louisville (By Honor Bound, hayyyy) and Joe Friday once at Lexington (highlight of my LIFE), so I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing. The carts may look like what I’m used to with ponies, but I can assure you – they are not. They are massive, and questionably designed. Whoever thought of the Fine Harness concept may or may not have been intoxicated and is playing a huge, wildly successful joke on all of us. “Ok here’s what we’ll do – we’ll take the hottest, wildest Saddlebreds we have. We’ll hook them to this massive, four-wheeled cart with terrible suspension and an unpredictable turning radius. THEN, we make it a standard that the women must wear ball gowns, so they have minimal range of motion and complete inability to escape quickly. It’ll be HILARIOUS.” Luckily, Happy is a total gentleman, and I really quite enjoyed it. Competing against CH Our Brilliant Belle and Hollow Haven is always a really lovely and safe experience. I’m now hesitating handing the reins over to my mom; this could be a pretty sweet gig.

It was also my first show with Northern Asset and Memories of Cabo this year, and I am completely dumbfounded as to how I ended up surrounded by such gorgeous, ginger men. Not only are they so game and fun and passionate, but you could also sleep in their stalls. I think they’d actually prefer it. The most kind-hearted, big-hearted loves I have met on four legs, and I am unbelievably grateful to be their jockey. I learned a lot of valuable information in Ohio’s teeny tiny ring, and I am really looking forward to Asheville. Also, my barn mate Elizabeth Ververeli gave me her gorgeous emerald green coat, so now I will be more identifiable to my friends watching at home. I also feel beautiful for the very first time in a tuxedo (I still hate that hat), so thank you, EV and DeRegnacourt.

I can’t wait to see everyone in Asheville, North Carolina, which is probably my favorite horse show of all time. I can’t wait to compete in their inaugural Hunt Seat class (YAS THANK YOU!!) and see all of your beautiful faces. You guys truly are half the fun of being involved in, and competing in, this industry.

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