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Training Classic Show Offers Saddlebred Classes at Missouri State Fairgrounds

The Training Classic Show, a unique show for all breeds and disciplines, will be held May 11-12 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo.

According to manager Sabrina Graham, the show began four years ago out of necessity. 

"When the Boone County Fairgrounds closed, my husband and I felt we could be of service to riders of many seats and a variety of skill levels and we secured the May date that was one of the few remaining in Sedalia," Graham said. 

The show prides itself on offering a reasonable means for exhibitors to enjoy classes like Saddle & Bridle's ASB Shatner Western Pleasure and UPHA Challenge Cup Assisted and Unassisted qualification classes. It also offers an "I've Never Done This Before" Halter and WT class, Costume Class and a variety of other fun, training and standard classes for a variety of seats. Its Training class allows training equipment and focuses upon allowing exhibitors to show green horses that may be in their first show, with a 'show setting': a few additional transitions for on the rail training of the young horse are called for by the judge, and this class does not require canter when called if rider prefers to continue at alternate training gait.

The show also offers All Around Awards in five categories, and professional photography through Graham and her son.

"Our focus is upon new and old riders having fun with enjoyable rides," Graham said. "We frequently serve as a means for riders to enjoy an indoor experience and to interact with others of many seats, interests and skill levels."

Show sponsors qualify for several great prizes and are featured on the show's website through the remainder of 2018.

"We are happy to display banners, and business information in the arena or on our info table," Graham said. "Banners provided for display by our sponsors can be returned to a business after the show if requested."

Information on stall requests, class patterns and more can be found on the show's website. The show also shares information on its Facebook page.

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