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With reports of neglected, starved and abused horses becoming more and more common, members of UPHA Chapter 14 have established the "Trainers Helping Horses In Need (THHIN) Fund."

Following the success of the “Trainers Benevolent Fund” this new endowment has been created to help finance Equine Rescues from within Chapter 14 that do real and actual good to save horses in dire need. Through this simple concept, UPHA Chapter 14 is resolved to apply their energy and resources to support those associations that are on the front lines of assisting horses in distress.

To obtain funding Equine Rescues will apply for a grant from THHIN and money will be made available to those organizations that have a 501(c)(3) charitable status and meet the further qualifications of the THHIN board. A capital drive is already underway and several Rescues from within the Chapter have asked to be considered for grants and have begun the application process.

The signature event to introduce the THHIN Fund will be a kick-off party to be on Thursday April, 21 during the UPHA Ch. 14 Spring Premier Horse Show.
Anyone interested in making a donation can send it to:

Wadhams Stable
171 Applewood Rd.
Warren, VT. 05674

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