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KSF World’s Championship Horse Show Announces New Criteria for the Five-Gaited Championship

The Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show was graciously given a donation by Mr. William Blacklaw specifically for use in the World’s Grand Championship Five-Gaited class. The interest from this donation, which is estimated to be $50,000, will be added to the premiums in this class. The following will be the prize money for the class:

First – $30,000
Second – $26,000
Third – $20,000
Fourth – $16,000
Fifth – $16,000
Sixth – $15,000
Seventh – $15,000
Eighth – $14,000

This year it is required to declare your intent to show in all seven of the World’s Grand Championships on Thursday, August 22. This decision was made by the Advisory Board in order to give trainers time to prepare their entry. In any of the seven World’s Grand Championship classes, if you are not a ribbon winner, the entry fee will not be charged, and if you are, the winnings can be applied to the entry fee.

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