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S&B Classes and Finals

Since 1979, Saddle & Bridle has been at the forefront of the American Saddlebred Pleasure division with the inception of its Pleasure Equitation Medallion, Shatner Western Pleasure, Hunter Classic, Working Western Pleasure and Working Hunter Classic Finals. Each year shows all across the country host qualifying classes for these prestigious finals, which are held at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show in September. 

Download Rules & Regulations AND Order Form.

Horse Show Information

For winners to be eligible for the finals:
1. show must order the classes/trophies from Saddle & Bridle prior to the show
2. ribbons are an optional addition (show may not order just ribbons)
3. following the competition, show must return a class sheet and the results cards that were included with the trophy order for each class held
4. all fields must be completed so that qualification letters can be mailed to the winners

Orders are shipped via UPS. If you are ordering within ten days of the show, please call us at (314) 725-9115, as you may need your order expedited at an additional shipping cost. 

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