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Associations Unite in Negotiations with USEF

Multiple show horse organizations are unifying their efforts to increase their negotiating power with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

Leadership from the American Saddlebred Horse Association, the American Hackney Horse Society, American Road Horse and Pony Association and United Professional Horsemen's Association agreed to band together to address many concerns regarding USEF including minimal promotion of these breeds, lack of communication and unresolved policy issues. The American Morgan Horse Association has been invited to participate pending their board approval. These organizations believe there is strength in numbers and that is why they find it critically important to link arms in a unified front. As they announced in an letter to their members on Jan. 21, they are hopeful that negotiations will improve, but believe they must also examine and be prepared to consider other options if issues are not resolved.

A committee made up of two representatives from each association and one member at large will work on presenting one clear message to USEF outlining concerns and remedies, but this Committee will also be tasked with determining options if negotiations with USEF fail. This ad hoc committee is tasked with facilitating effective positive change. Problem areas and possible solutions will be identified and communicated.

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