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WeZee publishes Saddlebred book, The Tapestry Of Life

WeZee publishes Saddlebred book, The Tapestry Of Life

Feb 11, 2013

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The irrepressible WeeZee has published an amazing and beautiful book titled The Tapestry of Life. The 264 page leather bound book is printed on the highest quality linen paper and chronicles the history of the American Saddlebred and how the breed evolved into today’s most beautiful equine. WeeZee explained why she chose the title thusly. “The book illustrates all the threads that connect horses together. Some of the threads are longer, and some shorter but they all work together to create the beauty of the American Saddlebred.” The book contains scores of WeeZee’s drawings of some of the most famous horses in history along with stories, cartoons and a good dose of history. To refer to The Tapestry of Life as a “book” is not quite accurate; in truth it is really a work of art and something any serious Saddlebred aficionado would covet having in his or her library. Only 250 books were printed and each book will be signed and personalized by WeeZee, who is herself a work of art. She is colorful, charming and utterly dedicated to the horse. She created the book because she “wanted to have something special and unique for all the people and horses who have been so special to her.” With The Tapestry Of Life WeeZee has done just that. Anyone who is interested in obtaining a copy of the limited edition book, which is priced at $250, should contact:

Michelle Mulligan • michellem5@me.com • (952) 380-7070

Dawn Moore • dawn@saddlehorsetimes.com • (612) 819-1708

WeeZee • (952) 888-1903

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