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VALOBRA Jewelry Store Unveils “Crown Jewel” of Pin Oak

VALOBRA Jewelry Store Unveils “Crown Jewel” of Pin Oak

Feb 20, 2013

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by Sherry Frankel

Being on the board of directors of Pin Oaks, a member of the Pin Oak Club, and in charge of the distribution of ribbons and trophies certainly does lend itself to a lot of hard work all year long to pull off a show in the magnitude of Pin Oak. It also lends itself to some wonderful events and fundraisers as well. One of the most favorite annual events is the one held every December for the past few years at Valobra Jewelry Store in Highland Village in Houston, Texas. This past December 5, 2012, proved to be another great event in the Christmas spirit as well.

Although Valobra’s is not a huge store, they have every fine jewel for sale imaginable. There were easily 200 people gawking over the gorgeous stones. The Franco Valobra family moved here from Europe years ago. It is Pin Oak that has captured the family’s interest and heart. The Saddlebreds and Hunter/Jumpers are amongst the nation’s/world’s finest. But like most of us who love Pin Oaks, we are amazed at the amounts of monies the show brings in yearly to it’s charities; Texas Children’s Hospital, The Ronald McDonald House and Candlelighter’s. The 2012, horse show donated $120,000 to the above charities!

One of the many ways we raise money for these charities is by raffling off $50 raffle tickets. Only 200 are sold and nearly everyone gets something. The board sells these raffle tickets off and Yours truly has them for sale too. You can call me at 281-357-1573 to purchase one. Which brings us back to the main reason for the Valobra party in December … the unveiling of this year’s “crown jewel”donation by Valobra, a $24,500 necklace of exquisite pearls, amethysts, and diamonds (see photo). Can you imagine paying $50-$100 for one or 2 tickets and being the winner of this beauty? But in this instance we are ALL winners, especially the children, since this is the true spirit of Pin Oaks … to “step up and step out for children.”

This year’s show will be held March 20-24,2013, for the Saddlebreds, Hackneys, and Roadster and will be held as always in the lovely Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas, a few miles outside of Houston. This year, John T. Jones will be marking the cards. Become a member of the Pin Oak Club and enjoy fundraisers and parties all year around. Our next event will be on February 28,2013, at the Wynden for the second annual ”What to Wear to that Equestrian Affaire” luncheon and fashion show by Tootsies. There is also a cash prize given to the trainer/owner who brings the most horses and a cash prize for the trainer who comes from the furthest distance or you can choose to donate the cash back to the children. To view some of the other raffle items that have been donated go to Pin Oak. org then to raffle. Many thanks to all sponsors and good luck to the raffle ticket holders. “Step Up and Step Out” for the children. Make sure to look at the next issue of Saddle & Bridle for the ads and results of the show. I look forward to helping create your ads from this great show as well as reporting to you the results of the show and who won what raffle item. And many thanks again to Franco Valobra of Valobra Jewelry and all the raffle items donors.

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