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Show Horse Associations Asking for Trainers/Exhibitors Attention

Show Horse Associations Asking for Trainers/Exhibitors Attention

Jun 5, 2012

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The United Professional Horsemen’s Association hopes that everyone is enjoying a great start to the 2012 show season. Please note that there is a possibility that the United States Department of Agriculture will be attending and observing at several of the American Saddlebred, Morgan and Hackney Pony horse shows across the country.  As you meet and greet these Federal employees please be kind and courteous and represent our breeds with the class they deserve.

The UPHA, along with officials from the American Saddlebred Horse Association, the American Hackney Horse Society, and the American Morgan Horse Association, are reminding all horsemen of the importance to fully understand the rules and regulations contained in the Horse Protection Act. The HPA applies to all horsemen at all times. The rules and regulations contained in this Federal Law can be found here.

With the recent heightened sensitivity regarding equine welfare, we need to remind the outside world how much effort and care goes into the welfare of our horses and exhibit those same actions at all times.

As always, the UPHA prides itself in keeping its membership fully informed and up to date on the daily happenings within the equine industry. Please remember the foundation slogan of the organization is “Horsemen Helping Horsemen,” so let’s all work together to help each other not only abide by the rules set forth in the Horse Protection Act, but also keep the general public’s perception at the forefront at all times.

Best of luck this show season!

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