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Saddlebred Convention Culminates with Saddlebred Gala & Annual Awards; Association, Registry Seat New Boards

Saddlebred Convention Culminates with Saddlebred Gala & Annual Awards; Association, Registry Seat New Boards

Feb 21, 2012

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American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) members, youth, and guests poured into the ballroom at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa in Lexington, Kentucky, on the evening of Saturday, February 18, 2012 to enjoy the culminating event of the 2012 ASHA Convention & Youth Conference, the Saddlebred Gala.

Included in the night’s festivities were acceptance speeches by the recipients of ASHA’s Annual Awards, several of whom were greeted with rousing ovations. Award recipients included Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dick Boettcher and Meritorious Service Award recipient Jimmy Robertson, among others. For a complete list of ASHA’s Individual Award winners for 2012, and previous years, visit the ASHA website, here.

In other ASHA business leading up to Saturday night’s festivities, four new members of the Association Board of Directors were elected through balloting by the membership: Redd Crabtree (Kentucky), Randall Cates (Oklahoma), David B. Rudder (Kentucky), and Kenneth Wheeler (Virginia). Re-elected to the Board were Betsy Boone (North Carolina) and William Whitley (North Carolina). Leaving the board due to expiring terms are Louise Gilliland (Oklahoma), Nelson Green (Kentucky), Germaine Johnson (Kentucky), and Jim Ruwoldt (Georgia).

New Association Board officers were also elected. The newly-elected officers are as follows:

President: Tandy Patrick
First Vice President: Redd Crabtree
Second Vice President: Lisa Siderman
Secretary: Betsy Boone
Treasurer: Carl Holden

The new ASHA Executive Committee consists of the newly-elected officers, as well as former President Judy Werner, and former and current Board members Dr. Margaret McNeese, Bob Funkhouser, and Germaine Johnson.

In accordance with American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) Bylaws, ASR Directors were elected by the Board of Directors of the American Saddlebred Horse Association for one year terms. Those elected were Lisa Duncan (Kentucky), Dr. Margaret McNeese (Texas), Scott Matton (Wisconsin), Chuck Herbert (Indiana), Minna Hankin (Pennsylvania), Judy Werner (Illinois), Sandra Lilly (West Virginia), Don Schilling (Missouri) Brian Curran (Wisconsin), Linda Freseth (Wisconsin), and Gail Kline (Kentucky).

ASR Officer elections will take place at an upcoming Registry Board meeting in March.

Below is an open letter to the ASHA membership, from newly elected ASHA President, Tandy Patrick:

We are all so thankful to outgoing President Judy Werner for her tireless dedication and contributions to the ASHA.

We have an enthusiastic and engaged board of directors with whom I am honored to serve.  We want and need our members to be involved!  This is YOUR association and I encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with me and other board members.  As someone mentioned to me at the Convention last week, “there are no bad ideas!”  Our members are a valuable resource and we appreciate all of you who are willing to volunteer your time, skills, and talents.

Our goals for the coming year include the formation of several important new committees (including an Audit Committee, and a Young Persons Committee, for the 21 – 35 year-old age group, to keep our junior exhibitors involved in the industry), and the activation and expansion of existing committees; review and possible revision of our Bylaws; and development of an exciting new partnership with the AllAmerican Cup for the sport horse division.  Our longer-term, ongoing goals include ramping up marketing and promotion (including the promotion of horse shows, and also riding lesson programs, particularly in areas where saddle seat programs do not currently exist); redesign of the ASHA Web site; the development of a strategic/business plan for our organization; and assembling a history of the ASHA.  We intend to communicate openly and often with our membership.

All of us share a passion for our breed, and we board members stand united in our desire to do what is in the best interests of our association, and our industry.   The future is bright with all of our Saddlebred family on board helping to promote our breed!

Best regards,


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