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Western Pleasure champion Charismatic to retire at Colorado Classic

Western Pleasure champion Charismatic to retire at Colorado Classic

Feb 21, 2012

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David and Charismatic performing at Louisville.

This year at the Colorado Classic Horse Show, David Bruce will be retiring his world class Western Pleasure partner, Charismatic, from the ring. The ceremony will take place Sunday April 15, starting at approximately 11:15 a.m. (inserted between Classes #112 and #113) at the National Western Events Center in Denver, Co. It does not appear on the schedule because it is a special insertion into the program for that day.
Traditionally, David and Charismatic (aka “Mattie”) will come into the arena and do a slow, western jog around the outside while the announcer talks about Mattie’s career. After showing off their “stuff,”  they will come to the center of the ring where David will dismount. Mattie’s show bridle will be replaced with a halter and lead. His show saddle and blanket will be removed and given to his trainer. A red rose blanket will be placed on Charismatic’s back to signify a Champion, and David will lead him out of the arena for the last time.

David has owned Charismatic and been the only one to show this horse since 2004. They have won many Championships, Reserve Championships, and blue ribbons (regionally and nationally) in Western Pleasure. Charismatic will not be put out to pasture, but will be David’s main trail horse and ridden for as long as possible. This is a once-in-a-lifetime horse with a connection to David and trust that has made them both Champions. They know each others’ thoughts and anticipate each others’ moves. I am not sure David will be able to make it around the arena with dry eyes.

Charismatic’s son, Doubletrees Victorious, will be showing at the Colorado Classic in Western Pleasure, as well.

All are welcome to come watch and enjoy this special event. It is reserved for special horses to signify the end of a show career and the beginning of a new life adventure.

A special thank you goes to Farra Baker, Show Chair, for her help in organizing this and to Stacey Kipper, CASHA President, for help with ceremonial tradition and the use of her red rose blanket. And of course, a thank you to announcer Doug Shane, for conducting the reading of Mattie’s accomplishments. Fantasy Farms, Shelly Beyer’s barn where Charismatic is currently boarded and trained by Saul Simental, has been gracious to host the before party in her aisle for show participants on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. .

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