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Cavalia: a smash hit in St. Louis

Cavalia: a smash hit in St. Louis

Mar 26, 2012

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St. Louis just can’t get enough of Cavalia. The beautiful horses, the flying acrobats and the original music score and choreography may not be here to stay, but they will be staying longer than originally planned. Before the show even opened on March 21, the demand for tickets grew so large that Cavalia announced an additional week of performances in the city; it will now run through April 8.

The show, which features 49 horses of 10 different breeds, has been enjoyed by some 3.5 million people in Canada, the United States and Europe. Cavalia has given more than 1,900 performances over the course of its nine years. While no Saddlebreds are represented in the show, horse lovers of all kinds can appreciate the dedication that goes into a show where horses perform on stage under spotlights and in front of hundreds of cheering spectators, with music and fog machines that could easily distract them from their jobs. But through all of this, the horse stars perform upper-level dressage movements, canter in perfect rhythm for their vaulting riders and even appear at liberty, responding to the slightest word or body language from their human handler.

Saddle & Bridle’s publisher, Chris Thompson, found this to be an incredible testament to the bond between humans and the horse, but was also impressed with the aesthetics of the entire show.

“The horse is the star, but the horses, the music, the choreography and the acrobats were all just perfectly in sync,” Thompson said. “It all came together to create one unforgettable performance.”

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