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Blue Ridge Classic Announced as Saddlebred Winner in USEF’s “Favorite USEF Breed Competition”

Blue Ridge Classic Announced as Saddlebred Winner in USEF’s “Favorite USEF Breed Competition”

Jan 4, 2012

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The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) recently announced the winners for the third annual “Favorite USEF Breed Competition” for the 2011 competition year, naming Blue Ridge Classic its winner in the Saddlebred category.

This program was designed to function as a “competitor’s choice” award. The contest recognizes and applauds the efforts of the year’s favorite USEF licensed breed competition, as decided by the officials, trainers, riders, drivers, handlers or owners who participated. Now in its third year, the contest gives exhibitors the opportunity to provide USEF positive feedback about the competitions.
The exhibitors and members again stepped up and provided more valuable input than the Federation receives on a yearly basis about the competitions they are attending. USEF received nominations and positive comments for nearly 200 competitions held in 2011, many of which received numerous votes.

Comments from those voting for the Blue Ridge Classic included the following:

The best management, greatest show secretaries, wonderful hospitality, great competition, and fabulous location.

Every competition that was voted for will receive a letter sharing the positive feedback from their exhibitors. Winning competitions will receive the same, along with a plaque from USEF in recognition of their efforts to provide exhibitors with a competition atmosphere prompting them to vote the competition as a Favorite Breed Competition.

USEF thanks the exhibitors and members for taking the time to provide valuable input about their experience at USEF competitions and invite you to do the same again in 2012. You may also always find evaluation forms at the competitions to provide the same positive input about your experience at USEF competitions. USEF wants to hear your thoughts!

For more information, please contact Lori Nelson, Assistant Executive Director, National Affiliates, at (859) 225-6957 or via e-mail at lnelson@usef.org.

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