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Battle Of The Barns: Instructor’s class

Battle Of The Barns: Instructor’s class

Sep 25, 2012

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The National Academy Championships has added a new class due to numerous requests from students about helping raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital during the show. The result was the Battle of The Barns – Instructor’s class. Each barn must raise a minimum of $50 entry fee for their instructor to enter, but there is no limit on the amount they can raise. The barn raising the most money will win a pizza party for their entire barn, a blue ribbon and a certificate proclaiming the winner of the Instructor’s Equitation class. The class will be held immediately after the Pep Rally on Friday night, so everyone will be pumped up to yell for their entry. It will be a fun way to help get everyone in the excitement of the National Academy Championships. Entries can be sent to Joyce-webster@att.net or enter at the show by 4 p.m. on Friday

The show will also be holding a “Pony Toss” Saturday night Nov. 3.  Ponies can be purchased at the show office for $10 each, and the winner will receive 50/50 of the prize money collected.

Come join the excitement and the FUN at the National Academy Championship Finals. Nov 2-4. Mufreesboro,Tenn. “It’s An Event You Will Never Forget!”

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