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ASHA Board Announces Slate of Candidates for Election to Board of Directors

ASHA Board Announces Slate of Candidates for Election to Board of Directors

Nov 13, 2012

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The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce its unanimous approval of the slate of candidates for election to the Association’s Board of Directors in 2013, as follows:

  • Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Jackie Cline Hale:  Columbiana, Alabama
  • Chuck Herbert:  Evansville, Indiana
  • Carol Hillenbrand:  Princeton, New Jersey
  • Stacey Kipper:  Aurora, Colorado
  • Holly Nichols:  Metairie, Louisiana
  • Lisa Siderman:  Malibu, California
  • Janet Thompson:  Columbia, Missouri


The slate was presented to the Board by the ASHA’s Nominating Committee for Directors, which Committee is chaired by Betsy Boone and consists of Keith Bartz and Claire Panke who were elected by the general membership in February 2012, and Bob Funkhouser and David Rudder who were elected by the ASHA Board.  Chair Betsy Boone noted that “We are honored to have such a great slate of candidates with a variety of skills and diverse backgrounds”.

The ASHA membership will vote on up to six of the above eight candidates, to fill the six vacancies for three-year terms on the Board to commence in February, 2013.

The Board is very pleased to announce that for the first time, the Board will offer online, electronic voting, in addition to the convention paper ballots.  The Board is encouraging all ASHA members to vote online rather than by paper ballot, to facilitate compilation of the results.

Biographical info and photos of all the candidates, as well as the actual online ballot, will be issued later this week;  the deadline for submission of ballots has been established by the Board as Saturday, January 5, 2013.

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