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All American Cup creates “marriage” with the sport horse world, world wide

All American Cup creates “marriage” with the sport horse world, world wide

Mar 20, 2012

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During the ASHA Annual Convention Jim Aikman sat in on a round table presentation for the Sport Horse. He listened with an open mind, watched, and learned. It became apparent to Jim that the Sport Horse had great talent and aptitude.  Many Sport Horse “STARS” have been  registered American Saddlebreds — dashing over hill and dale, over jumps, and pulling carriages through water. Jim thought there were many stallions whose produce could do well in the All American Cup if afforded the opportunity. No place has it been written that the produce by these stallions, who had never been introduced to the All American Cup, could not do well in  the worlds richest purses awarded by the AAC. Jim wanted to meet these dedicated “Friends Of The Saddlebred,”  listen and learn about their equine interest, with the thought that the AAC and the Sport Horse could grow together through this endorsement and “marriage.” One thing that was very obvious at the round table: the Sport Horse people are smart, wise, dedicated, believe in their product, and are “here to stay” — growing every day.

A light bulb came on and Mr. Aikman made hundreds of new friends in just a few minutes. He pledged $5,000 (personal money) for the creation of the  “All American Cup Sporthorse Versatility Series.” Within just a short time, many, many Saddlebred fans from coast to coast pledged over $30,000  for this” new beginning.” Aikman’s goal is to raise $40,000 that will be used to reward and fund this amazing transition. There will never again be an “us” (Show Horse) and a them” (Sport Horse) — from that day on, it will always be a “we.” A transformation has been made — a bonding of the All American Cup and the Sport Horse Fraternity is a win-win for everyone.

Through dedicated and collective efforts of the Sport Horse Committee, the All American Cup, and the AAHorse Classic, in  2012 there will be a western and a hunter class offered for four year old horses who have been previous nominees in the AAC. The entire AAHC (Show) and these two new classes will be web-cast coast to coast this year. The inaugural two classes will be held at the AAHC  Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday, Sept. 6 at “prime time.”

In addition to very significant dollars that will  be awarded to these four-year -ld Versatility Horses in 2012, the AAC has arranged for thousands of dollars in additional prizes never before given in a horse show. Just a few of these awards are as follows :

A–Judy Fisher Oetinger’s magnificent book, The Saddlebred, is being donated.
B–Get your horse shod at the AAHC by the best — Jon Pankey — value $300
C–One month board and training of your good weanling by Jim Aikman — value $1500
D–500 lbs of  Tribute premier horse feed to each exhibitor. Value $150 per entry. (The feed will be waiting for you to take  home.)
E.  Fabulous Dinner at Indy’s finest restaurants for every entry winning a ribbon in the Versatility Classes as well as the weanling and three-year-old AAC classes.
F–Free One year Subscription to every ribbon winner in each of the AAC and Sport Horse  Versatility  classes by Saddle Horse Report, Shelbyville, Tenn..  Show Horse–Tullihoma, Tenn., Bluegrass Horseman–Lexington, Ky., Show Ring Times-Shelbyville, Tenn.  The National Horseman–Scottsdale, Az., Saddle & Bridle–St Louis, Mo. and The International Show Horse–USA & SA

Above  is just a sampling and the beginning of many, many more valuable awards that will be in hand for the AAC and the Versatility Series this fall. A major boost and transformation in the horse industry has been made by the AAC. In only a few days $30,000 has been pledged by Saddlebred  enthusiast who “believe.”  The   goal is $40,000–maybe more. Your pledge will be appreciated by hundreds who see this merger as a marketing bonanza for everyone raising horses. Please email Jim Aikman  allamericancup@yahoo.com  or call 1-317-862-4341 with questions and pledges about the: “ALL AMERICAN CUP-SPORT HORSE VERSATILITY SERIES.” “We can take you there,” to coin an ASHA phrase.  Just wait until you read about the many new classes and awards being announced soon.

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