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2012 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show Qualifying Point Standings Posted

2012 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show Qualifying Point Standings Posted

Mar 30, 2012

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Point standings for qualifying in Pleasure, Park, and Park Pleasure at the 2012 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show (WCHS) are now posted on the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s (ASHA) website.

There are two sets of qualifying lists: 1) “Pre-Qualified,” means that the horses’ competition records indicate they have met the minimum qualification requirement of having competed in at least six classes at three or more competitions, and 2) “All Points Data” includes all horses that have competed in one or more classes toward qualifying. Each list is in order of points earned to date, from high to low, as per Kentucky State Fair qualifying requirements.

Exhibitors are reminded that Show Pleasure and Country Pleasure horses entered in under saddle classes at the 2012 WCHS must qualify in under saddle classes, and driving horses must qualify in driving classes. If the driving class at a show does not specify whether it is Show or Country Pleasure the class will still count, but four of the six classes for qualification must be in either Show or Country Pleasure. Park Pleasure driving classes will not be considered as qualifying classes.

Effective January 1, 2012, any class added to a show’s schedule after the prize list, class sheet or class schedule has been printed and/or posted on the show’s web site, Facebook page, etc. will not count as a qualifying class for Kentucky State Fair’s World’s Championship Horse Show. Classes denoted as “buy a class” or “TBA” are considered added classes and therefore will not be counted.

As in prior years, first and second place winners (i.e. Champion and Reserve Champion) in a championship class for Show Pleasure – Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited, and Driving; Country Pleasure – Three-Gaited, Western, and Driving; Park – Three-Gaited at the 2011 WCHS shall be eligible to compete in the same section in 2012 for which the championship class was held, provided that these horses also showed in a minimum of six classes, in three or more different competitions (not including the 2011 World’s Championship Horse Show), in the same section in which they wish to compete at WCHS in 2012. If the point system comes into play in 2012, these first and second place winners are not subject to the point system.

All competitions that host classes for Saddlebreds are encouraged to register their competitions with ASHA in order to be included in the 2012 WCHS qualifying system. There is no cost to register a competition. The registration form can be found and downloaded here. Competitions must submit their prize lists and official results in a timely manner for exhibitors’ points to be included.

For the 2012 qualifying period, because the last week of June includes July dates, the qualifying period will close Sunday, July 1. Complete Pleasure, Park, and Park Pleasure Qualifying Requirements for WCHS can be found here.  Exhibitors are reminded that in 2011, all entrants who had met the minimum qualifying requirement, competing in a minimum of six classes in three or more different shows during the qualifying period, were eligible to compete.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning Kentucky State Fair qualifying are posted here. Additional questions may be directed to Susan Harris at s.harris@asha.net.

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