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Horse Barn Names

Horse Barn Names

Barn namesWe at Saddle & Bridle like to really get to know our customers. This means that, while we give each ad a numerical code for production purposes, if you advertise with us with any consistency, you can be almost certain that we’re not referring to your horse as “the bay horse on 25P” or even by your horse’s show name. We’re probably referring to your horse in a much more familiar way — the same way you do. By his barn name. We began compiling a list of the barn names we already knew, and a few months ago posted on our Facebook page to ask our followers on there to share their horses’ barn names, too. Now we’re sharing the list with everyone! If you would like to add  your Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster or Friesian horse’s name to the list, email allie@saddleandbridle.com.

A Silver Charm – “Charm”

A Starless Nite – “Nitey”

Ace’s High Beauty – “Misty”

Aphrodite’s Tears – “Rose”

Apt To Parade – “BayMare” or “Girly Girl”

Argent’ – “Bud”

Bay Of Fizz – “Fizzy”

BJ’s Painted Cowboy – “Cowboy”

Bongo – “Bongo”

Breaking News – “News”

California Design – “C.D.”

Callaway’s All That Glitters – “Git Git”

Callaway’s Born To Ride – “Bernie”

Callaway’s Carillion – “CC”

Callaway’s Character Counts – “Sterling”

Callaway’s No Reservations – “Dartanian”

Callaway’s Sassy Sultan – “Sport”

Callaway’s Take A Stand – “Stanley”

Caper’s Town – “Moose”

Caraman – “Cary”

Cashing Out – “Mayder”

Cataclysmic – “Leo”

CH Callaway’s Blue Ginger – “Teddy”

CH Callaway’s Crown Jewel – “Charlie”

CH Callaway’s Cumulus – “Jack”

CH Callaway’s Where There’s A Will – “Garth”

CH Caramac’s Capital Gain – “Gator”

CH Cat’s My Daddy – “Champ”

CH CF Night So Rare – “Greta”

CH CH-EQ CF First Light Of Dawn – “Forbes”

CH Honest Impression – “Bob”

CH I’m Something Wicked – “Wicked”

CH Let’s Talk – “T”

CH Mo Rhythm – “Daisy”

CH Mr. Snuffleupagus – “Snuffy”

CH My Crescendo – “Spencer”

CH Platinum’s New Look – “Tonto”

CH Royal Crest’s Rhinestone Cowboy – “Cowboy”

CH Royal Messenger – “Cash”

CH Sunken Treasure – “Jack”

CH Take A Guess – “Picasso”

CH Teuschers – “Oscar”

CH The Evangelist – “Luke”

CH The King’s Reflection – “Prince”

CH The Perfect Touch – “Gucci”

CH Thundersnow – “Pogo”

CH Tip ‘O The Hat – “Derby”

CH Uncut Jewel – “Jack”

CH Vivacious – “Vivian”

CH Will’s No Doubt About It – “Willy” or “Walter”

CH-EQ A Sweet Sensation – “Chema”

CH-EQ Amandari – “Ami”

CH-EQ Oh What A Feeling! – “Cartman”

Chaka Zulu – “Zeus”

Champagne Kisses – “Maya”

Coco Bay – “Bella”

Commanche – “Ole Man”

Consider Me Timeless – “Chanel”

Cool Hand Luke – “Luke”

Courageous Endeavor – “Hotshot”

Courageous Grace – “Grace”

Courageous Gypsy – “Molly”

CRF Skyking – “Buzz”

Crosswind’s Ray Of Gold – “Little Ray”

Crowned Prince – “Duke”

Cumberland Crescent – “Red Dawg”

Curtis B – “Curtis”

Custom Blend – “Blake”

Designed By You – “George”

Designed For Blue – “Judy”

Doc’s Solano Pepinita – “Mariah”

El Dorado’s Gossip Girl – “GiGi”

Elegant Mystery – “Ellie”

Emory’s Starman – “Starry’

Engaged Phire – “Virgil”

Entrapment – “Vegas”

Epiconyare – “Jack”

Essential – “Laddie”

Ethereal Love – “Love”

Executive Search – “Zoom”

Expensive Taste – “Lola”

Final Act – “Finn”

Final Deklaration – “Cliff”

Finn MacCumhail – “Finn”

Fitz’s What A Guy – “Fitz”

Flying First Class – “Lucas”

Follow The Sun – “Sunny”

Fox Material – “George”

Freshman Cheerleader – “Ra-Ra”

Georgia Georgia – “Georgia” or “G”

Glenview’s Excelalante – “Roy”

Globetrotter’s Finest Champagne – “Star”

Gooitzen Fan Teakesyl – “Gooitzen”

Grand Revival – “Gabby”

Guevarra – “Taco”

Gypsy Queen – “Witchie Poo”

Gypsy’s Spot Check – “Skye”

Hard Rock Harlan – “Rock Dawg,” “Rock Star” or “Rocky”

Harem Hill Rojara – “Roger”

He’s All That – “Merrell”

He’s Catalyst Delight – “Cade”

Heartland Boy On The Block – “Reggie”

Heartland Wonderdust – “Stryder”

Heathermoor’s Prince – “Prince”

Heir Assault – “Jimbo”

Heir To Be Different – “Bette”

Highpoint’s Royal Flame – “Flash”

I Spot Trouble – “Trouble” or “Trubbs”

I Will If I Want – “Won’t”

Imma Little Grey Pixie – “Pixie”

In Perpetual Motion – “Mojo”

In The Event Of Chaos – “Eve”

Ishkabibble – “Tazz”

It’s Double O Deuce – “Deuce”

It’s That Special Look – “Spec”

It’s Yabba Dabba Doo Time – “Fred”

Ji-Lo’s Call To Arms – “Gabe”

Just Call Paul – “Keebler”

Just Enough – “Spice”

Justa Rascal – “Rascal”

Justasample – “Sammy”

Kalarama’s Delightful – “Dee”

Kalispell – “Kal”

Kaw-Liga – “Cisco”

Keeping The Promise – “Weebler”

Kiss My Cuervo – “Tito”

Kiss My Face – “Smoochie”

Kizzy’s Starbuck Commander – “Shamrock” or “Sham”

Kubayshah – “Kubie”

Lace’s Last Tango – “Tango”

Lady Bee – “Bee”

Lady Gabriella – “Gabby”

Late Night Champagne – “Fizzy Pop”

Legacy’s Summertime Symphony – “Floyd”

Legend’s Toast To Gypsy – “Gypsy”

Lemon Shake Up WRF – “Watson”

LFH Kumae – “Poohbear”

License To Chill – “Squirt”

Lookin’ For Lovin’ – “Bubbles”

Love Me A Latte – “Brandy”

Lucky New Day – “Nathaniel”

Mafia Mistress – “Maggie”

Magik – “Mo”

Making Rainbows – “Chevy”

Man Of The Year – “Adam”

Marc Of Charm – “Marc”

Mark Of Charisma – “Pony Man”

Marywood’s Music Man – “Reno”

Mega Volt – “MVee”

Memories Of Cabo – “Sammy”

Midnight Capp O’ Cino – “P.I.T.A.”

Midnight CassO’Nova – “Frankie”

Midnight CellO’bration – “Noah”

Midnight Cup O’ Joe – “Joey”

Midnight ShenanO’gans – “April”

Mischeif And Mayhem – “Romeo”

Miss Believin’ – “Bella”

Miss Can’t Be Wrong – “Scarlett”

Miss Eula Mae – “Eula”

Miss Magic Moment – “Maggie”

Miss Mheiry Mac – “Tinkerbell”

Miss November Rain – “Missy”

Miss Understood – “Bambi”

Misty Mountain Music – “Music”

Monnington’s Tommy Gun – “Boog”

Monogram Jus Danni – “Danni”

Morton Hears A Who – “Morton”

Nadia Comaneci – “Nadia”

Najiida – “Amy”

Nuttin’ Better – “Rocco”

Osage Isabella – “Izzy”

Our American Soldier – “Sarge”

Out With The Ladies – “Spencer”

Overnight Male – “Max”

Park Avenue Diva – “Diva”

Park Avenue Diva – “Pad”

Patriot Blue – “Blue Man Chu”

Peppy K – “Koda” or “Koda Jean”

Phi’s Jama Party – “PJ”

Phicicle – “Phi”

Pola Negri – “Pola”

Radiant Revival – “Lily”

Razin’ Arizona – “Ray”

Real Cool Cat – “Cat”

Reedann’s Phederal Reserve – “Cash”

Return To Glory – “Rhett”

Risen Star – “Jimmy”

Ro & Me’s Lady Godiva – “Lady”

Roseridge’s I Will – “Rosita”

Roseridge’s No Regrets – “Reggie”

Royal Crest’s In The Stone – “Opal”

Royal Crest’s Stone Art – “Madeline”

Run For The Border – “Taco”

Santana’s Sammi – “Romeo”

Scaredy Cat – “Patrick”

Seamair Dear Sir – “Chubby”

Shamrock Magic Touch – “Magic”

Shennan Doah Mist – “Misty”

Sheriff Woody – “Woodrow”

Shez’a Hottie Tottie – “Hottie”

Showtime’s Viviana – “Viv”

Silver Sparkle – “Emmy”

Simon Cowell – “John”

Simply Precious – “Elle Mae”

Smarty’s LTD Edition – “Smarty”

Soft And Stunning – “Flo”

Soldati – “Sully”

Son Day Starmaker – “Reggie”

Southern Strut – “Oliver”

Sovran’s Pirate King – “Timmy”

Spooling Up – “Beamer”

Sportscaster – “Ali”

Spring El Hawa – “Spring”

SS Kentucky – “Kansas”

Stack The Deck – “Ace”

Steel The Dance – “Steel”

Stevie Nicks – “Stevie” or “Steve”

Stonecroft Front And Center – “Alex”

Stonecroft’s Pot Of Gold – “Jimmy”

Storm’s Thunder – “Bubby”

Supreme Spotlight – “Harry”

Symbol’s Supreme Eclipse – “Eclipse”

Taking A Chance – “Tank”

Tanbark’s Evening Memories – “Evie”

Tell Me More – “Pizza”

The Dance Hall Doctor – “Amos”

The King’s Senorita – “Lilly”

The Major Factor – “Jerry”

The Oracle – “Princess”

The Peace Giver – “Buddy”

The Pulitzer Prize – “Danny Boy” or “DB”

The Straight Guy – “Mojo”

Thunder Crackin’ – “T.C.”

Too Much Tequila – “Tequila”

Too Wong Foo – “Timmy”

Trust In Love – “Bebe”

Twilight’s Maxamillion – “Tiny”

Ultimate Spitfire – “Spiffy”

Up In The Air – “William”

Venom – “Denver”

Watch This Magic – “Magic” or “Babygirl”

We’re All Nuts – “Lola”

Well Designed – “Truman”

What’s The Whoopla – “Whoopla”

Wicked In A Winning Way – “Winston”

Wide World – “Uptown”

Wild Rose Gray – “Rose”

Winsdown Day Trader – “Blackie”

Winsdown Edgecliff – “Jasper”

Without Compromise – “Ken”

Wonmore Diamond Legacy – “Willie”

Yellow Rose Memories – “Casey”

Zip-A-Dee-Ay – “Zip”


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