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    August 2014

    View the many contenders for this year's World's Championship Horse Show. Learn the special qualities of Liz Bolton Stables. Read a touching obituary to CH Mr. Snuffleupagus. Included shows: Oshkosh, Tanbark, Del Mar, Lexington, Syracuse and more

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    July 2014

    July 2014

    Read about how the industry can better educate horse show audiences. Learn about the dangers of blister beetles. Included shows: Pink Ribbon, Indianapolis Charity, Devon, Midwest, Rock Creek and more

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    June 2014

    Read a guest editorial by Gayle Lampe. Learn how to keep your horse's feet healthy and how to teach vision awareness while riding. Included shows: FASH Spring, UPHA Chapter V, Des Moines Springfest, Bonnie Blue, River Ridge and more

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    MAY 14 COVER

    May 2014

    Read about ringmaster John Frye, the man behind the sport coats, and Winsdown Farms owner Louise Gilliland. Learn how to train your horse to deal with puddles and other water-crossings. Included shows: Pro-Am, Bridlespur, J.D. Massey, Raleigh Invitational and more

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    April 2014

    Learn to enjoy this "eternal winter" by teaching your horse to pull a sled, and about the retirement home for show horses, Cedar Valley Farm. Read a Q&A with trainers Steve and Tiffany Wheeler. Included shows: Tampa Charity, Raleigh Spring Premier, ASAC, Carousel and more

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    March14Front cover

    March 2014

    View Saddle & Bridle's Best Of Breed winners. Read about the 2014 ASHA Convention and the beloved pleasure pony CH Honest Impression. Meet Legacy Saddlebreds and Whitneylane Stables and view a collection of historic photographs of the late Donna Moore.

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    Feb14 front cover

    February 2014

    View S&B's General Sire Rating. Read about the UPHA Convention and the All American Cup Tour and Auction. Learn the considerations of transitioning a show horse to a broodmare and how to retrain the canter on the longe line.

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    January 2014 cover

    January 2014

    Read about the unique environment at Paul Cates Stable and meet the Alliance Stud Team. Learn how to market hunter pleasure and sport horses and about S&B's inaugural Working Hunter Classic Finals. View S&B's Rules and Regulations for 2014.

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    Dec13 cover front

    December 2013

    Learn how to prepare your retired show horse for trail riding. Read about the proper use of stand-alone snaffles and what Christmas was like for the horse show world in 1942. Included shows: American Royal, Alltech National, Academy Finals and more

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    November 2013

    Read about how Mill-Again Stables is continuing the tradition of Dale and Patty Milligan in its own unique way. Learn trainer Melissa Moore's thoughts on the Hunter Country Pleasure division. Included shows: ASHAV, St. Louis, Alabama Charity, Mane Event and more

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    Oct13Front Cover

    October 2013

    Read about Louisville 2013 and about how Freedman's began designing and producing a cutback saddle. Learn about Potomac Horse Fever and how to handle peer pressure in your barn. Included shows: Wisconsin Futurity, NC State Championship and All American Classic

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    September 2013

    Read about four young Saddlebreds who were trained as hunters early in their careers and about how the horse show industry joined together in 1942 to prevent the loss of horse shows in 1943. Learn about shock wave therapy in horses. Included shows: Illinois and Missouri State Fairs, Central States and more

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    SpecialEdition13 Cover

    August Special Edition 2013

    View more contenders for this year’s World’s Championship Horse Show. Learn how chiropractic care can help your equine athlete’s performance. Read about best friends Alex Rudder and Haily Miller. Included shows: Mid America Signature, Shelbyville, Blue Ridge and more

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    1P - Manilow

    August 2013

    View many Louisville 2013 contenders. Read about California trainers Jim and Helen Cherry and learn how to be prepared for travel emergencies on the way to horse shows. Included shows: ASAW Summerfun, Oshkosh, Lexington, Del Mar Charity, Syracuse, Tanbark and more

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    July 2013

    Meet Saddle & Bridle's "stable" of writers in a special article by co-publisher Chris Thompson. Read about the Five-Gaited Special class, which was held at Devon this year and included hunter/jumper riders competing on American Saddlebreds. Included shows: Indianapolis Charity, Midwest Charity and more

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    June 13 Front cover

    June 2013

    Read about the remarkable career of CH Breaking News, and about the Moctezuma Stables team. Learn about the history and tradition of turnout in the hunter division, in our newest column, “Gone Hunting.” Included shows: FASH Spring, Madison, Asheville Lions and more

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    May 2013

    Learn about the winning Kierson Farm and the Limited Breeder’s Sweepstakes Auction. Read about the Moeller sisters and their connection through a special horse, He’s My Beau. Included shows: Pro-Am, Bridlespur, Kentucky Spring, J.D. Massey and more

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    April 2013

    Learn the story behind the amazing team of Pacifico’s Standing Ovation and Zach Meyer. Meet the new trainers at Siren Song Stables, and read about the unique Arizona barn, Matthew Roberts Stables. Include shows: ASAC, Raleigh Spring Premiere, Carousel and more

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    March 2013

    This issue includes Saddle & Bridle’s Best Of Breed standings. Read coverage about the ASHA Convention, the Mid America Horse Show Association Banquet, ASAC Convention and more. Learn about horseman Louis Louw and read a Q&A with trainer Pam Roush

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    February 2013

    View S&B’s Performance Sire Rating. Read about the All American Cup Stallion Presentation and Auctions and the UPHA Convention. Learn about the renowned equine artist, James Walls, and read the touching story about a stolen horse that was returned home

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    January 2013

    This issue includes Saddle & Bridle’s annual Futurity Sire Rating and the Rules and Regulations for Saddle & Bridle’s 2013 classes. Learn about the stallions of Alliance Stud and read a Q&A with trainer Jim Lowry. Included shows: the American Royal and more

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    December 2012

    This issue, with a special fold-out cover, offers a look at the beginnings of show horse publications. Learn the proper technique of the longe whip and about eye trauma in horses. Included shows: Harvest Days, Royal Winter Fair, National Academy Finals and more

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    November 2012

    Learn how Elizabeth Shatner’s The All Glory Project is helping veterans and their families. Read about the special junior exhibitor team of Sarah Muraki and The Oracle. Included shows: St. Louis National Charity, Southeastern Charity, ASHAV and more

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    October 2012 cover

    October 2012

    Read about Louisville 2012 from a South African perspective and a reflection about the differences between teaching and coaching. Learn how to promote your horse show. Included shows: World's Championship Horse Show, All American Classic and more

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    September 2012

    Learn the story behind Winsdown Edgecliff, this year’s Western Country Pleasure WCC. Read about American Acres trainer Carol Jones and how her program helps promote Saddlebreds. Included shows: ETSA Midsummer Classic, Missouri State Fair and more

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    Supp Front Cover

    August Special Edition 2012

    Read a Q&A with Rich and Maureen Campbell. Learn about the open house held by Legacy. Included shows: Dayton, Shelbyville, Blue Ridge, Asheville and Connecticut Summer Classic.

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    aug12front cover

    August 2012

    Read the touching story about how Lisa and Rick Balcerak's love for a special horse led to the park pleasure sensation Kiss My Cuervo. Learn how to teach students and horses to be confident performing outdoors. Included shows: Syracuse, Del Mar Charity, Lexington and more.

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    July 2012

    Learn how to handle heat exhaustion and heat stroke in horses. Read about Grand Vin Stables, Legacy farm and about announcer Robert Reavis, “voice of the Missouri State Fair.” Included shows: Rock Creek, Chattanooga, Blowing Rock, Devon, Indianapolis Charity, Midwest and more.

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    June 2012

    Learn about the history of the Saddlebred in Australia. Read a Q&A with trainer Bret Day and the final installment of the short story “The Rose.” Find out what it was like to be a horse show exhibitor during WWII and about the great debate facing horsemen during those years. Included shows: Asheville, Bonnie Blue, Dixie Cup, FASH and more.

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    May 2012

    May 2012

    Learn about the amazing friendship between the trainers of Knollwood and Hollow Haven, and about the difference between a dependent and independent seat when riding. Read the fourth chapter of The Rose. Included shows: Pro-Am, Bridlespur MHSA Kickoff, Kentucky Spring Premier and more.

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    April 2012 Cover

    April 2012

    Learn about the training and instructing philosophy of Equitate LLC and the year-end winners at the ASAW Awards Banquet. Read about artificial insemination in horses and about Michigan horse show leader, Dave Bedell. Included shows: Tampa Charity, Carousel Charity, ASAC and more.

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    March 2012 cover

    March 2012

    View the Best Of Breed standings for 2011. Learn about the ASHA Convention and Mid-America Banquet. Read a Q&A with trainer John Conaster, as well as part two of the short story “The Rose” by Helen A. Rosburg.

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    February 2012

    Read about the All American Cup Stallion Tour and Auction and the first installment of the short story “The Rose,” by award-winning author and Saddlebred/Hackney exhibitor Helen A. Rosburg. Shop for new show horses in the Shop ‘til You Drop section. View the 80th Annual Performance Sire Rating.

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    January 2012

    Read a feature about 2011 Good Hands champion Abby Mutrux and a Q&A with Bonnie Zubrod. This issue includes the Futurity Sire Ratings and a feature about the stallions of Alliance Stud. Included shows: UPHA American Royal, Jingle Bell Horse Show, Dallas Classic

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