To rescue an industry: where we go from here

MoneyOn January 17, at the United Professional Horsemen’s Association Convention in Chicago, Jim and Jenny Taylor and Todd Graham gave a presentation about the future of the professional horse trainer, and their findings were grim. In the following days, the American Saddlebred Horse Association sent out a press release summarizing the presentation’s disheartening facts, with the hopes of stirring people into action. It worked.

Horse girl memories of a special riding instructor

Grenadier pictures
I read the Cash Lovell Stables newsletter the other day. It was very long, packed full of information on the happenings in the barn, but the article that really caught my eye was the very first. It was a personal letter from Parker Lovell, announcing the loss of her childhood riding instructor — the woman who had taught her how to love horses all those years ago. It touched me very deeply because, as she talked about her childhood experiences, I remembered mine.

Five tips for taking good horse photos

If there’s one thing horse people love almost as much as their horses, it’s photos of them. We at Saddle & Bridle love photos too. Here are a few tips to get the best shots of your favorite equine.

In the beginning there was Van

Arthur Van Ronzelen on Hells Bells.

Ever since I began writing for Saddle & Bridle at 9 years old I had heard that it was a third-generation family business, but really that fact was just a vague idea in my head. I knew little about its history – had no idea it had begun as more of a society-type magazine, or how many different homes the office has had through the years. And, perhaps most surprisingly, I had never heard the name Arthur Van Ronzelen.

The best kind of library: an afternoon with the Saddle & Bridle archives

bound volumes

Just a small part of the Saddle & Bridle library.

Two days ago Chris called me into his office with a job for me. An upcoming ad for our November issue required someone searching through our magazine archives to find old pictures of a certain horse. Since it was an equitation horse (I love equitation!) and since he knows I’ll take any excuse I can get to look through our library of bound volumes, Chris had decided to assign the task to me.

Finishing a magazine between horse shows

It has been a busy few weeks; Chris and I just returned from Wisconsin Futurity on Sunday and our “hometown” show, St. Louis National Charity, starts today, so you can imagine where we will be spending a lot of our time this week.

Here in the office, we are finally starting to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” regarding our October issue. It will be an exciting issue, packed with lots of feature stories, ads and, of course, our Louisville 2011 coverage. The pages have been numbered and our art department is working on the last handful of ads, so it shouldn’t be too long before the digital version of the magazine is available online.

Book Review: Zen Mind, Zen Horse

“Horses are like a band of legendary Zen masters. They are perfect teachers because they uncover your real motivation. They tell you when you’re wholeheartedly committed or faking it, when you’re making a sacred vow or just paying lip service. Horses see what’s holding you back. And when you find the courage to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward you with a way to overcome them.”


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