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Show Season is Under Way!

The first show of the season is under our belts! Perfect, as always, the Tampa Charity Horse Show was a blend of exquisite weather, good times and unbelievably competitive classes. And I just had a ball. It’s so nice for me to have my friends meet my trainers, and I love that they get to see just what it is that has taken up so much of my time for the past 15+ years.

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"What It Takes"

 Hello all! I have had a few more rides now on It's Aerosmith since I last posted and we are starting to get more serious for show season. My first show is River Ridge in April. We are still working on the canter and perfecting it. It has gotten much better.

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Gearing Up For Show Season

My first practice rides and drives are under my belt! WHEW! Since it’s still pretty early in the season, not all of the horses and ponies are quite ready for me. But I did get to enjoy a few of my four-legged best friends, and it was wonderful.

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Horses Change Even the Best Laid Plans

Spring is upon us…at least that’s the hope! All the horses are beginning to shed, which is a signal to me that warmer weather is slowly approaching. Even Slider is starting to shed out, and has a lovely, shiny coat. I can’t tell yet because of all the hair, but he might even be developing happy little dapples on his rump.

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Hello, S&B!

Hello, Saddlers and Bridlers! My name is Ali DeGray, and this is my first entry, so bear with me. I show Saddlebreds in saddle seat, western, and hunt seat, as well as Standardbreds and Hackney Ponies (and the occasional Fell Pony).

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It's Time to Return to Work

Hey, my name is Skylar Rueff and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I feel very privilaged to be writing for Saddle & Bridle about my journey with It's Aerosmith during my 2016 show season. I'm excited to get this opportunity since it's my last year in the junior exhibitor division. Presently, I'm excited to finished with all my college applications and can happily say that I have been accepted to Rollins College in Florida. I have never written a blog post before so I'm going to give it my best shot!

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Scary moments can be teaching moments

What a new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Here in Iowa we had a beautiful white Christmas, which has been followed by a bitter blast of single degree weather. Training Slider has been uneventful, since many of the days I plan to go ride, especially on the weekends, have been too cold to ride.

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Don't give up on what had been working before the plateau

If you live in the Midwest, you know we live in constant strange weather. We are currently in a warm 50-degree weather streak, however, during Thanksgiving and the week before, it was below freezing. We even had a big snowstorm come through and dump five inches of snow overnight.

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The race is worth it when you hit the finish line

Well last week was an easy one for Slider! We did not do much riding work as I had made it my goal to run a half marathon and did not want to wear out my legs right before a thirteen mile run. I lunged Slider a lot or walked him before the run the Sunday before last.

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