"Dream On"

There are only two more weeks before the Fair! Ahh! I feel like this summer has flown by, but it's because I have been having so much fun traveling with my family and showing my horses. I just got back from the East Tennessee Mid-Summer Classic Horse Show. It was nice to have one last show with my barn family before I head off to college.

I am very grateful for my barn family!I am very grateful for my barn family!The Mid-Summer Classic Horse Show was my last show before the Fair so I really needed to perfect some of the things I have been working on this season before we hit the Green Shavings. Last year I had an unforgettable experience that will always hold a special place in my memories. This year I will be defending my title as World Champion and Reserve World Champion of Champions and will hopefully be able to earn the title of World Champion of Champions. I have been riding multiple times a day and practicing as much as possible to be able to show Tyler to the best of his ability. I am so thankful to my instructors and trainers for giving countless hours of time and effort to help make Tyler and I the best team we can possibly be. I hope to make them proud at the Fair.    

This past week in Tennessee I won both of my classes on Tyler and felt really proud and excited about my championship ride. At this show I needed to work on having more energy and using that energy to raise him up. It was different showing with only two other people in a huge ring because all summer my classes have been at least six or more horses. You don't get the the same feeling of excitement from the crowd or the other horses, so I had to figure out how to generate the energy to push Tyler on down the rail. This was good practice for me in case there is a workout during my class at the Fair and I am lucky enough to be in, because I am going to need to know how to ride him the best way I can with only three other horses on the rail.    

The past two shows I started wearing a little Aerosmith pendent on my coat. I like wearing it because I channel my inner "Rock and Roll" vibe during the class. The Fair is going to be crazy competitive. This is the show we have all been waiting for and preparing for all year. Everyone wants to be able to leave the ring last with a flowing blue ribbon on your horse's bridle, but every rider should feel proud of themselves for making it to the Fair even if you don't receive that blue ribbon. Last year was my first time to ever receive a ribbon above seventh place and it was the most exhilarating, emotional and rewarding experience. I was able to realize that all the past years are what pushed me to work harder and practice more. I show Sunday the 21st and if I qualify, Saturday the 27th. I will be showing The Norseman in the morning and then It's Aerosmith that same night. Thankfully I will be able to show in the ring one time before Tyler, so I can get all my nerves and jitters out of the way. Of course they will not all be gone, but hopefully most of them! Adding to the stress of the whole week I will be flying back and forth from Florida to show. It's going to be crazy!  

This will be my last year showing at the Fair as a junior exhibitor, so I plan on giving it my all! I am so thankful to my mom and everyone who has supported me with It's Aerosmith. These past two years have been a dream come true for me and I hope to finish out even stronger then I did last year. I wish everyone the best throughout the week -- ride hard! Thank you all for reading my blogs about my journey with Tyler throughout the summer show season. Best of luck!       

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