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The best kind of library: an afternoon with the Saddle & Bridle archives

bound volumes

Just a small part of the Saddle & Bridle library.

Two days ago Chris called me into his office with a job for me. An upcoming ad for our November issue required someone searching through our magazine archives to find old pictures of a certain horse. Since it was an equitation horse (I love equitation!) and since he knows I’ll take any excuse I can get to look through our library of bound volumes, Chris had decided to assign the task to me.

Sign-ups open for Gayle Lampe annual winter clinic

Gayle Lampe is conducting a saddle seat riding clinic at William Woods University, December 10–18,2011. Riders are welcome to come for as many days as they wish, however, it is recommended to stay for at least three days.

Jayne van Ronzelen celebrates her 100th birthday

Jayne Van RonzelenToday, October 11, 2011, Saddle & Bridle celebrates the 100th birthday of Jayne Van Ronzelen. Jayne is a living link to the very founding of Saddle & Bridle Magazine. She was married to the late Arthur Van Ronzelen who founded Saddle & Bridle in 1927.

Carson Kressley TV appearance sparks interest in Learn to Ride and Drive In Style program

Carson Kressley’s recent appearance on The Nate Berkus Show was a smash hit, sparking a barrage of calls and emails regarding the Equestrian Life Learn to Ride or Drive in Style program.

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