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Advertise With Us

Print Advertising

Put your trust in the name you know.

Why spend your money to advertise in a lesser publication with limited exposure when you can have the prestige of advertising in the nation’s leading show horse publication for a reasonable price and be featured for a full month?

Since 1927, Saddle & Bridle has been the industry’s leading and most trusted show horse publication. We’re changing with the times, but there are some things that will never change: our love for the American Saddlebred, our relationships with our loyal customers and our dedication to bringing you the highest quality publication.

Providing a camera-ready ad? Use these specifications.

Online Advertising

Advertise on the Saddle & Bridle website and get your message in front of the right crowd!

Advertising and Saddle & Bridle. It’s kind of like summer and horse shows, or that kid waving the umbrella and the horse that just swapped canter leads. Some things just go together.

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